Time to change your wife, and your life! Introducing Wife Changing Capital

If there’s two clear trends that can be identified in crypto since 2021/2022, it’s the massive success of creative memes, like Chedda and Stilton, and FAAS (Farming As A Service) or Capital coins, like MCC, REFI and ACAP that invest a portion of buy/sell taxes in farming and trading, and provide their holders with a subtle return.

The latter has already realised over 500 million in trading volume since the start of 2022 alone, the majority being bought/sold in the biggest caps, all delivering between 40M and 150M volume so far, and reaching market caps of around 50 till 200 million dollar levels, while the best memes seem to even outplay those numbers, reaching market caps up to billions of dollars and equally large volume.
In later articles we will dig deeper on our observations of the two booming segments and how we differ, but first, let’s start with a proper introduction.

We are Wife Changing Capital $WIFE. The first project that unleashes meme power and combines it with a treasury & capital coin.

What we have to offer? A unique tax structure that enables us to grow our treasury, and our treasury will lead to buy-backs and token burns of $WIFE, to make it grow in value. You see, buy’s and sell’s of the token are taxed 13%. 7% goes to our treasury, 5% is used to build the project, and 1% is used for daily buy-backs.
This 7% invest’s into 4 model(s), each aiming at growing value, enabling to do even more and bigger buy-backs. The 4 models are:
1. Incubation
2. NFTs
3. Trading
4. Wife apps

1. Incubation:
We will help new high potential meme-with-utility projects go to market. We provide them with trading liquidity and help deploy their contract securely, in exchange for a % of their token’s buy and sell tax. Easy enough, if we incubate the launch of, let’s say made up token #SUPERDOGE and we provide 50K liquidity for it in exchange for 2% of their taxes, we make 2 million USD by the time that token has reached 100 million in trading volume. This 2% is then used to buy-back $WIFE along the way, helping our token holders reap the benefits of the launch.

2. NFT’s and 3. Trading
We buy potential blue-chip NFT’s and invest in trades of small-caps or promising tokens. Profits of these actions lead to buy-backs of $WIFE to grow token value. Uniquely vs. other projects, we also trade leverage and can short trade when we see an opportunity, so both in bull as bear market times we can grow treasury value, leading to grown value of $WIFE.

4. Wife Apps
We’re developing a GAMEFI dating app involving NFTs, matchmaking & fun that will help you find your new wife. Connect with our 1000+ virtual NFT wives and impress them enough to make them your wife, or find the real love of your life, by trying to hit on the many beautiful female members in the app.
That’s enough info for now, make sure to keep an eye out for our uniswap launch.
Note that buying with $USDC is most cost-efficient, as we combine our liquidity pool with $USDC instead of $ETH. This is again a measure taken to ensure our chart doesn’t go down when BTC or ETC goes down, like all other tokens.

Make sure not to miss the chance of a wife-time, join our community, DYOR and we hope to welcome you as a holder soon!




Join our community in our journey to the top 100. Struggle reaching good return on your investments? Buy $WIFE and let us invest for you and profit with us!

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Wife Changing Capital $WIFE

Wife Changing Capital $WIFE

Join our community in our journey to the top 100. Struggle reaching good return on your investments? Buy $WIFE and let us invest for you and profit with us!

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